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The Ladysmith Baseball Association (LBA) provides opportunities for all players and families to experience a sense of belonging through sport. Our association focuses on reflecting fair play, inclusivity, & respecting diversity. Our players will develop skills in leadership, being a good teammate, and perseverance through playing the game of baseball with determination and a positive attitude. The love of the game starts here. 


U-18 $160

U-15 $150

U-13 $140

U-11 $130

                                                                 U-9 $100

                                                               U-7 $75


SAVE $10 - Early Bird Registration Jan. 1st - 31st

Regular Price Registration Feb 1st -28th

Late Registration **Only if roster spots are available**  Mar 1st-15th  (There will be a $25 additional fee)

On - Line Registration closes February 28th, 2023

                                        *Cancellations: will be refunded fee  -20%*

**No Refunds after May 1st, 2023**


Please Note: There is currently no information available about the make up of this seasons teams or their game/ practice schedules. This information will not be available until the beginning of April.

Thank You

Rain outs

Welcome to the Wet Coast! In the event of uncooperative Weather systems, plan to arrive at the fields at the times specified by your coaches. There will be times where playing in some light rain will be necessary to ensure the teams can squeeze in all the scheduled games. Bring some rain gear and an umbrella for those entertaining, puddle splashing, mud slinging games. If the game is going to be called off, your coaches or team managers will notify you.  Assume you are playing unless otherwise advised. No need to contact the team managers, they will let you know!

Donations Welcome

Ladysmith Baseball Association appreciates all donations. 100% of all donations go back into the league to support youth development in Baseball.

One way to donate is to return your empty bottles and milk containers to the local "Return - It" depot, no sorting required! 

Take your full clear bags of returnables - print a tag from the kiosk with account number Baseball49 (227-322-5549), drop the bags in the express drop off and you are done!

Thank you to Timbits Baseball for supporting LBA



Ladysmith Baseball Association

373 Dogwood Drive

Ladysmith, British Columbia